Natural all wool mattress

Little boy listening to music laying on a tufted wool mattress

Filled with wool and encased in beautiful wool fabric

Naturally fire-resistant

Thanks to the wool's natural fire resistance, we're able to make a pure mattress with NO flame retardants, assuring cleaner air with no potentially harmful chemicals to breathe in while sleeping.

Wool has excellent thermal regulation properties

It will help keep your child warm in winter and cool in summer

Boy laying on a tufted wool mattress

Superior moisture control for naturally lowering the risk of mildew, mould, and dust mites

Natural wool mattress, tufted

Wool retains an ideal balance of moisture, regardless of how much or little water it is exposed to. It can soak up as much as 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet.

And thanks to its moisture-wicking properties wool creates an anti-microbial environment, thus lowering the risk of mildew and mould.

Dust mites, major cause of allergy and asthma suffering, will also avoid wool as they prefer hot and humid environments that are more common in synthetic or down products.

Perfect for a platform style bed with solid wooden slats

Solid wood platform bed with wool mattress

We recommend solid wooden slats, spaced at no more than 5cm (2in) apart. This will provide support and proper airflow. Larger gaps may cause the mattress to sag and compress unevenly. A box spring or a solid platform, on the other hand, will block air circulation.

Hand-crafted in Canada, with locally sourced materials

Putting tufts on a handmade wool mattress, hands holding metal scissors and twine

Our wool is sourced from Canadian farms and has been processed without the use of chemicals.

It comes with a washable wool protector that will protect your mattress from stains.

Wool protector on wool mattress

A wool protector is included with all mattresses at no extra charge.

In case of bedwetting, we recommend the use of an additional impermeable pad placed between the protector and the mattress. The protector will whisk the moisture away from your child's body for a more comfortable sleep.


Toddler sizeLength: 132cm (52in)
Width: 70cm (27.5in)
Height: 10cm (4in)
Twin sizeLength: 189cm (74.5in)
Width: 96cm (38.5in)
Height: 10cm (4in)
Stuffed with Canadian natural wool (processed without chemicals), enclosed in a 100% wool casing, sewn with organic cotton thread, and tufted with natural hemp string - a truly natural mattress.
Washable, made of densely-woven natural 100% wool fabric

Make it yours

Wool mattress + wool protector

Wool Mattress + Protector/ Toddler Wool Mattress + Protector/ Twin
$1170 $1560

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A natural mattress filled with wool and encased in wool fabric, naturally fire-resistant. Pairs beautifully with our Montessori bed.

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