Our story

Woman woodworker working with Cherry hardwood lumber on a jointer machine

Made by parents, for children and families

Back in 2014 when our oldest was born we were new to everything concerning children - how to raise them, how to make them healthier and stronger, how to empower them. After a lot of late hours of researching, we came to the unfortunate conclusion that very little of what was available on the market was truly aimed at the children’s health and well-being.

This prompted us to search even deeper, and eventually to decide to build what we thought best for our child. By the time our youngest was born, we already had a version 1.0 of what eventually became Nunawe.

It is our journey towards exploring ways to give our children the best possible childhood, beginning with their environment at home. And we want to share this passion with other families. We hope you find something here for yours.

Assembling a solid wood bed, with two young children helping
Testing of prototypes started in our home

It isn't about furniture, it's about children

Allowing them to grow in a simple and pure environment will inevitably shape their Tomorrow as strong adults. And that is why we've put the child's healthy growth and optimal physical and mental development at the core of all our products.

Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf

When designing our products we were guided by the Montessori philosophy of giving children the opportunity and independence to develop the skills to succeed in life and to find their inner selves. We also wanted to create furniture that would contribute to a warm and calming environment, with an emphasis on natural materials, imagination, and play, as taught by the Waldorf philosophy.

Never confining, never limiting body or spirit

In young children, movement helps develop self-awareness, muscle strength, coordination and balance. It also strengthens the connections between neurons for optimal brain development.

That's why our furniture is not meant to confine or create unnecessary obstacles. All products have been designed for simplicity, minimalism and independence, allowing children to reach their full potential with as little interference as possible.

Lovingly made in Canada

From design to production, everything is done in our shop in Ottawa, with locally sourced materials, to give you a truly Canadian product.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us and we will get back to you right away.