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Montessori bed

unique with an incline


Close-up of solid wood floor/ Montessori bed

We make timeless, beautifully simple, yet versatile, furniture for children.

All lovingly made in Canada, from design to production.

Our story: made by parents

Inspired by the Montessori and Waldorf philosophies - fostering independence, imagination, and creativity.

From curious and active toddlers to strong and confident adults, we strive to give them space to grow. In every sense.

Solid wood playhouse with animal figures and a low and inclined Montessori bed

Keeping them pure and healthy, while nourishing their senses through natural materials

NO plywood, NO veneers, NO paint, NO chemicals

Versatile - simply turn it over, no tools required

We designed our products to accompany your child through various growth stages and preferences, and even into adulthood.

Simplicity, minimalism and independence - reaching their full potential with as little interference as possible

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Free shipping within Canada and the United States, lifetime warranty

Nunawe's solid hardwood furniture is of heirloom quality, built to last for generations. We stand behind this statement and back it up with our lifetime warranty.

We won't charge you for shipping within Canada and the United States.

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